What it really takes to become educated about money!(3)

This is the 3rd installment of a 5 part series on Financial Education. Before reading on you might like to read the introduction here.

Your level of financial education affects your quality of life significantly. Not knowing how money and finance works, how to deal with money, how to grow money with ease can affect your ability to provide for yourself and family.  The reason most people will never generate lots of money with ease is simply because they spend their lives working for money, rather than making a commitment to themselves and choosing to educate themselves about money and finance.

You have to commit to you before you can create change in your financial reality.

You also have to commit to you before you can become financially savvy and generate what you desire in life. Making a commitment to you is about the willingness to claim, own and acknowledge that you really are an infinite being with infinite choice and infinite possibilities.

So, would you consider the possibility of being an infinite being as an option? Would you be willing to give up the you that you have defined yourself as and embody and be the infinite you that you truly are?

Choosing to embody and be an infinite being is not about making yourself superior to others. It's about the awareness of who you truly are. By being the infinite being you are, you become the catalyst for a different possibility in life.

You cannot define infinite being. There is no definition of you. How many definitions of who, what, when, why, how you are and are not, do you have creating you as less than infinite?

As an infinite being you can choose to do or be anything – that’s what you’ve got to claim, own and acknowledge. Becoming financially savvy requires financial education, and financial education will open doors you never anticipated.

This blog is part 3 of a 5 part series on Financial Education created to inspire you to see your financial world in a different way and to make positive changes in your financial life.

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What's keeping you from being abundantly wealthy?

Do you know what's keeping you from being abundantly wealthy? What if your present financial reality is a byproduct of the choices you have made and your limiting points of view about money?

Our own viewpoints and attitudes are the most powerful influencers in our life.

Your points of view and your beliefs about money influence every choice, because your points of view define and confine who you are being, how you act, and what you will create as your future possibilities. You create your financial reality by the choices you make.

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become” …. Carl Jung

Are you willing to entertain the possibility that being abundantly wealthy is truly possible for you right here, right now? If not, why?

What if the only thing that is keeping you from being abundantly wealthy is your point of view about money and about yourself in regard to money and financial freedom? In many cases it is simply a judgment you have about money and about yourself in regards to money.

Your reality is the way you perceive and feel about yourself at any point in time. Your points of view are the things that lock you in your reality and are the basis upon which your life is created. Your own viewpoints and attitudes are the most powerful influencers in your life.

The way you think and feel about money and wealth and the way you think about yourself in regards to money and wealth are the crucial factor in determining how much you ultimately have.  If you don’t believe that you have abilities and competencies to generate money and wealth, you won’t be creating a new possibility.

Your points of view about money can have dynamic impacts on how much money you will be able to create and keep in this lifetime. So, your points of view ultimately determine your financial state.

Money is a reflection of your point of view and your choices. Do you think that it is possible for you to become exuberantly wealthy and abundant?

Becoming abundantly wealthy starts with you

Becoming abundantly wealthy starts with you. You must truly believe and trust that it is possible for you to become wealthy. You must be willing to perceive, know, be, and receive that you are abundantly wealthy. Soon the conditions of your life will transform to resonate with your new level of perception, point of view and consciousness. 

Your beliefs about money determine how you generate it, relate to it, use it, and spend it.

Since your points of view create your reality, you can create an even better financial reality for yourself by choosing to let go of your scarcity and lack points of view and cultivate limitless possibility points of view.


Take a conscious look at the life and the reality you have created. Be aware of the points of view, assumptions and limiting beliefs you function from in life.

  • How do you see the world you live in?
  • Is life enjoyable, satisfying, and exciting or harsh and lackluster?
  • Do you believe that you can ever be wealthy?

Each of us will answer these questions in a slightly different way according to our own personal experiences and beliefs.  These questions will assist you to be aware of your points of view that are limiting you. 

Are you willing to destroy the limitation that you have created?

Have you been overpowered by the mystery of money? 

It's easy to be swayed by people who tell you that the idea that you could become a multi-millionaire is absolutely outside of your reality and could never happen. Particularly if you cannot imagine having a large amount of money and you do not have wealth awareness in your current reality.  So, if you accept this assumption, you will continue to create your financial reality from within the confinement of your known reality, which is under the influence of the mystery of money.  


One commonality amongst people who are dominated by the mystery of money is that they don't choose to go beyond their own perceived reality on what they think is possible. If you are influenced by the same points of view and programs, you undermine your ability to create wealth. Essentially, the ability to create different possibilities disappears when you allow yourself to be overpowered by the mystery of money.

What if the reason you struggle financially and are unable to create the life you desire is because you don't know that you have been overpowered by the mystery of money? 

You do not have to take this path, there is another option. If you would like to generate new possibilities you have to be willing to destroy and uncreate the myth and the illusion you have accepted as true. You have to be willing to change the points of view and beliefs that keep you being overpowered by the mystery of money or nothing will change in your life.

All you have to do is acknowledge that the mystery of money is whatever you have made mysterious. This is your own creation. If you can reduce what you don't know about money, your ability to become truly wealthy and generative with money can be significantly increased.  The question is not 'Have you given your power away?' the question is 'What is it going to take for you to get it back?'

Whatever we think is real becomes our reality

Many people today are struggling financially because they do not understand the most elementary basics of money and how money works.

The myths and false impressions about money are everywhere. For most of us, money is a mystery. This is not at all surprising since we are bombarded with a lot of misinformation about money that is simply not true.  We buy into them, and then at some point we give up our awareness in order to buy the rightness of this common viewpoint.  Unfortunately, many of the biggest money myths people believe are usually taken as truth and real.   Whatever we think is real becomes our reality.


Our points of view and beliefs have the power to make us wealthy or make us poor. Do you see that if you look at money from a point of view that isn't true, you will not be able to create and generate money with ease and comfort?  Also, if you are constantly focusing on things such as problems, trauma and upheaval, you repel abundance. What you focus on is what you get.

What would it be like to no longer look at money from a point of view that isn't true?