Have you been overpowered by the mystery of money? 

It's easy to be swayed by people who tell you that the idea that you could become a multi-millionaire is absolutely outside of your reality and could never happen. Particularly if you cannot imagine having a large amount of money and you do not have wealth awareness in your current reality.  So, if you accept this assumption, you will continue to create your financial reality from within the confinement of your known reality, which is under the influence of the mystery of money.  


One commonality amongst people who are dominated by the mystery of money is that they don't choose to go beyond their own perceived reality on what they think is possible. If you are influenced by the same points of view and programs, you undermine your ability to create wealth. Essentially, the ability to create different possibilities disappears when you allow yourself to be overpowered by the mystery of money.

What if the reason you struggle financially and are unable to create the life you desire is because you don't know that you have been overpowered by the mystery of money? 

You do not have to take this path, there is another option. If you would like to generate new possibilities you have to be willing to destroy and uncreate the myth and the illusion you have accepted as true. You have to be willing to change the points of view and beliefs that keep you being overpowered by the mystery of money or nothing will change in your life.

All you have to do is acknowledge that the mystery of money is whatever you have made mysterious. This is your own creation. If you can reduce what you don't know about money, your ability to become truly wealthy and generative with money can be significantly increased.  The question is not 'Have you given your power away?' the question is 'What is it going to take for you to get it back?'