The first steps to financial awareness.

Understanding the difference in attitude between Prosperity and Scarcity is essential to taking the first steps to financial awareness.

For too long, most people have been living with scarcity as an underlying assumption, from which they operate, think, act and live in the world. The scarcity paradigm creates a chronic sense of inadequacy about life and about themselves.

The consequences of scarcity have become more forceful during this present time of accelerating change and uncertainty. People from all over the world are living in continuous fluctuation between states of great fear and high anxiety, which pushes them in a never-ending and unrewarding pursuit for more.

The scarcity paradigm is what keeps many people from perceiving and experiencing the ongoing natural state of true abundance. This way of living is no longer sufficient. People who continue living with scarcity as an underlying assumption will diminish the quality of their lives and take the planet down. It's now time to change all that. A new way of being is essential, if we are going to thrive and not just merely survive.

The way we think about abundance directly influences how we experience prosperity externally. Abundance is a consciousness, not a condition, and when we engage with that consciousness where Abundance is the natural way of being, then our life and circumstances begin to reflect that consciousness.

The vibrational compatibility we embody is the key to what manifests in our lives. It is not dependent upon something out there somewhere. The outer is simply the reflection of our inner state of consciousness.

The universe is an abundant place, and the universal supply is infinite. Until we can truly perceive, know, be and receive that, we won't experience true abundance. However, we can start by knowing and perceiving that it is truly possible to have all our own needs met. There is no limit to what we may have!

Do you sabotage your wealth potential?

Ask yourself these questions:

* Do you often give money supremacy and control over you by attaching emotions to money? Do you worry about money when you look at your bank account?

* Do you function from the idea of spending money instead of creating money? Do you care more about spending money than having it? If you think money is about spending it, then what is the likelihood that you will have it?

* Do you throw away your money by spending it as a way to try to be happy or as a way to try to survive?

* Do you often feel apprehensive and reticent about asking for money that is due to you? Are you diffident and hesitant when you must receive, ask for, or speak of money?

* Do you allow money to do all your choosing for you? Do you make choices based on cost only, rather than quality?

* Do you worry about paying for an event that may be happening in the future? Are you concerned about paying bills you expect to receive?

* Do you consistently think stressful thoughts about money? Do you feel guilty every time you spend money?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then you are under the spell of the scarcity mindset. Even one of the above outlooks, deeply ingrained within your psyche, is enough to interfere with your efforts to become wealthy and successful.

These are the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of people who function in the scarcity paradigm. Every time you have these points of view, you are saying, "I lack." If you consistently have these points of view, then you will set yourself up to lack even more. If you start paying attention to what you think and what you judge as right, wrong, good, or bad, then you will see exactly how you are creating the abundance-or the lack of it-that is showing up in your life.

Are you now willing to destroy and uncreate these limiting points of view about money and your financial destiny? If you wish to change your financial situation, then you must destroy and uncreate all of the limiting points of view that you have bought about money and learn to be in allowance of all things.

When the scarcity frame of mind is deeply entrenched into the way you view yourself and the world around you, it can sabotage your efforts to create wealth. However, if you become aware of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you have about money in your everyday life, then you can recognize-and transform-your scarcity mindset.

Becoming Aware

If your finances are not meeting your needs, then it indicates that you have fixed and limited points of view that are sabotaging your prosperity.

If your current reality is not working for you, it may be because of the point of view you have about yourself, about life and about the world. Your points of view create your reality. By changing your points of view you can create new realities with different possibilities.