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Extrapolation of Possibilities Project


Extrapolation of Possibilities with Business and Capitalism

A revolutionary way of being!
The alternative way…. of looking at finance, money, wealth generation, the way we live our life and create our business.

Insights into how this reality works, the judgements we have around business and capitalism, and the way in which we create our life and living that does not exclude the promise of creating something greater.

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What does this look like from a business perspective?



Castello di Casalborgone Project



Castello di Casalborgone Project


The most recent project these 4 innovators have created is working with the local community in Casalborgone, Italy, to transform a historic derelict castle (Castello di Casalborgone, built in AD999) into an international and community hub for food, events, antiques and accommodation celebrating the rich history of the region, together with the local culture and talents, whilst attracting international visitors and business to the region. This project is fully supported by the local community and leadership of the region.


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Benevolent Capitalism Project


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Benevolent Capitalism

Benevolent capitalism presents enormous opportunities for businesses. It offers the promise of sustainable economies, a sustainable future for people and the planet, and greater change in the world—as well as improved business performance.

Benevolent capitalism is not about philanthropy. It’s not about doing kindness to others. And it’s not simply a matter of good corporate citizenship. The precept of benevolent capitalism goes beyond being ethical or socially and morally responsible. It surpasses the idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR), which too often is an organization’s gesture in the direction of doing the right thing for the sake of its stakeholders and customers without actually changing anything in the way the organization operates. Benevolent capitalism creates an entirely new conscious system for business and its reasons for existing.