No More Business As Usual Leading from The Edge of Possibility by Chutisa Bowman and Steven Bowman

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Leading From The Edge of Possibility

By Chutisa and Steven Bowman

Unlike other business books, No More Business As Usual is neither a How-To book nor a How-I-Did-It book. Instead, it aims to inspire people to see everything afresh.

Leading From The Edge of Possibility charts a bold new path to generating success. This paradigm-changing book presents a system and the tools for consciously generating different possibilities ……. that creates widespread expansion in richness for both the people and the business.

Leading From The Edge of Possibility challenges companies to break out of the business-as-usual paradigm of ferocious competition that is based on contextual reality. The target is not to try to compete with rivals, but to lead from the edge of infinite possibilities, thereby making the competition irrelevant.

“I have read many many books on business and this one blew me away with the wisdom and succinctness that is presented in this book, probably a book that everyone in the world should read and only the smart ones will.”
— Gary Douglas (founder of Access Consciousness)
“This is a book that will appeal to business leaders who are open to exploring change. The authors challenge readers to change the way they think about and run their business and explores ways to redefine their leadership and management capacity.”
— Recruitment Extra

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