The Conceptual Building Blocks

The three key conceptual building blocks of No More Business As Usual paradigm are: Conscious Leadership, Strategic Awareness, and Benevolent Capitalism.

Conscious Leadership


Conscious leadership is the key that turns the idea of no-more-business-as-usual into everyday practice. It is the contribution to creating a balanced integration of organizational vision, strategy, operational realities, and a culture of consciousness.

Conscious leadership has to do with a new sense of equilibrium and balance between:

  • inner and outer leadership
  • personal growth and business growth
  • embracing the vision and empowering others to achieve it
  • the head and the heart
  • executive management skills and conscious leadership abilities

Strategic Awareness


Strategic Awareness is the cornerstone of 'No More Business As Usual'.

Strategic awareness is the process of fusing awareness to strategy and incorporating real-world knowledge of industry, global trends, and possible futures. It is the process of accessing non-analytic data and incorporating awareness or inner knowing into the strategic decision-making process.

Strategic awareness places equal emphasis on both strategy and awareness. From our experience, neither awareness nor strategy alone is enough. Awareness without strategy often results in leaders becoming mesmerized by the realm of potential possibility. On the other hand, strategy without awareness, leaders easily become blind to changes and developments that the existing strategy has not taken into account. However, when awareness meets strategy, it has potential to change the world.

Benevolent capitalism


Benevolent capitalism sees business as a form of humanistic social organization: people getting together for an intent and objective, to do something together to create a generative world, by taking action based upon what we know—business and generosity of spirit. 

Benevolent capitalism is the integration between awareness, prosperity consciousness, generosity of spirit, being a contribution, and capitalism. It creates sustainable economies, a sustainable future for people and the planet, creates a greater change in the world, as well as improving business performance. 

Benevolent capitalism, in our view, is a form of capitalism that is driven by businesses which not only think about the short-term financial benefits but also about building longer-term sustainable businesses that create economic, environmental and social value, that have a positive impact on society. This means ensuring that generosity of spirit and a conscious way of doing business are at the heart of all aspects of business operations. It must be ingrained into business strategy and practices.