Cultural issue and gender discrepancy can damage sales

In Japan, it's attractive for a woman to have what's known as an "Ochobo" — a small mouth that one politely, and modestly, covers when open in public. This trend of having a "small and modest mouth" - has caught on to the point where it's considered rude for women to open their mouths wide in public. 

Freshness Burger found that the "Ochobo" trend was affecting sales, with their largest 'classic burger'. This classic burger had been selling like hotcakes with the male customers but not with the ladies. So Freshness Burger and Dentsu invented what they have dubbed a "Liberation Wrapper," a burger wrapper that doubles as a face mask with the picture of a woman smiling politely.

Image Credit- Freshness Burger

Image Credit- Freshness Burger


Freshness Burger reported that sales of their large Classic Burger to women have increased by 213 percent since introducing the new wrapper.