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Different Possibilities Don't Happen. You Create Them!

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Global Business Strategy

Business With No Borders (BWNB) strategy is for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) who want to grow and expand beyond where they are today. We are here for MSMEs who have a vision of creating a successful business across borders and are willing to go after it.


Different Possibilities 

Real success and progress will require fresh, innovative, and creative ideas. Our target is to unlock different possibilities for MSMEs who would like to create business across borders. There are 4 key areas that we specialize in:

  1. Personal leadership skills relevant for cross-border collaborations,
  2. Strategy that creates a future focus with practical tactics,
  3. Finance and risk skills that highlight strategic issues faced in cross border trade and business establishment, and….
  4. Understanding and successfully working with different cultural expectations, norms and behaviours

Insights, resources and products to serve MSME leaders


“Creative Adaptability Is The Key To Doing Business Across Borders.”


Our Capabilities

Business With No Borders (BWNB) undertakes various global projects that start with micro, small and medium businesses or opportunities, and leverages the local knowledge to create global possibilities. 

Our headquarters are in Austria, but our lead team and partners live and work all around the world. With such a diverse team, we have brought a remarkably unique perspective to Leadership, Strategy, Finance-Risk and Culture in ways that are innovative and actually work practically.

Providing specific insights and strategies for creating cross-border businesses

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Insights and strategies for creating cross-border