Drone Catcher can pursue and catch intrusive drones

A group of engineers from Michigan Technological University have developed a drone-catcher. This nifty device can pursue and capture intrusive drones. Useful for immensely private spaces prone to intrusion, such as military grounds, the White House, and even sports events.

Basically, the drone catcher follows the rogue drone, shoots a big net towards the intrusive drone and ferries it towards a safe location. The system can be autonomous, controlled by a ground-based human pilot, or a combination of the two.

The creators of the drone-catches proposed other potential applications to their invention, which includes: foiling spy drones, smugglers, and terrorists, and supporting the recent FAA announcement requiring drones to be registered.

What could the innovation of this tech mean for businesses everywhere? Does this mark a new era of security? Could we utilize this to create something that not only benefits our businesses, but also the common good?

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