Do you have a big idea that would make a difference in the world?

Having a big idea is great but absolutely nothing changes unless we act. We can think and extrapolate all we can about our big idea, but until we take action and until we act on the idea there is nothing tangible to show for all that extrapolation. 

To physical actualise our big idea, we must make choices and commitments, and take action, with future possibilities in our awareness. Most important we must believe that we have the capacity to actualize our big idea, we must believe in ourselves.  A lot of people have failed to achieve success because they did not believe in themselves! How can we actualize our desire if we do not believe in ourselves that we have the ability to achieve our desire? Believe in ourself that we can do it, and the power to fulfil our desire will expand and grow!

What is required is for us to acknowledge the fact that our idea will be a major contribution to the world. We need to believe in our idea. There’s really no point in doing something unless we feel really good about it and proud of it. There is no point creating a new product or service unless it is going to be a contribution in the world. We’ve got to make sure that every aspect of what we do is generating new and different possibilities for us and for the world.

Turn your big idea into a burning desire. 
A burning desire to achieve your big idea boosts your commitment and will aid you in pulling through some of the trauma, drama, upset and intrigue that is likely to occur along the way. The way to turn your big idea into a burning desire is to believe that your big idea is truly valuable and that you can achieve it. If you just look at it as a general wish, such as being an entrepreneur, or wanting to have your own business without really doing anything, then you won't be able to take it seriously. If you have a burning desire to have a successful business, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes. You must never give up, never quit and never take “No” for an answer. Most important, It should be fun for you to do this. You’ve got to be willing to have a sense of the fun and a joy of what you do.

Next, you need determination to physically actualise your big idea. Most people in the world stop doing what’s going to become successful just before it’s going to become successful. About three steps beyond that are where they’ll have the biggest breakthrough and when they are about to succeed is when they quit. Instead of quitting, they could ask, “What do I have to add to this today to bring this to fruition right away?”  

A determination is a commitment towards actualising your burning desire no matter the difficulties that may come your way.  Determination simply means to give yourself time and effort to ensure success. This can be done by living in the question and acting on the possibility of things. This will make the improbable or the seemingly impossible come about by bringing awareness and resources to things that lie beyond contextual reality and business-as-usual. This enhances the potentiality and probability of success enormously, ensuring that prospects and possibilities get generated into reality. 

This is the way it works; you ask a question. Then the awareness of what that might be shows up later. It hardly ever shows up right then. It can - the energy of it can - but what that means might not show up for quite some time. Then follow your knowing and be the question - what’s really going to work here for me? What do I want? How’s this going to work for me? And what is it I want to create more than anything else? When you function from the place of following your knowing you will always know what is right for you.  Try to see the bigger picture of things rather than always being stuck in the details.

The truth is, all business requires that you put more energy into it to begin with and you have to allow for that and be willing for it to take one, two or three years to build it up to where you would like it to be. It can be really intense and uncomfortable and we have to just be in allowance of it and step into it and let it be what it is. This is a choice we have to be willing to make.

Don’t be vested in the outcome. Follow the energy
For our idea to work, we need to have no point of view on how it shows up. Just put it out there. We must take a step toward implementation of our idea to ascertain whether anyone is interested and whether there is any potential market.  Be in the question “I wonder who would be interested in my idea?” Putting it out there is asking the universe “Ok so does anybody want this product or service?” It’s not just looking to create a result right away. 

Being vested in a certain result does not generate anything. If we just put it out there and have no point of view about what might show up, and it doesn’t matter if it does or it doesn’t, then magic occurs. When we are vested in the outcome we will always feel like a failure no matter what occurs. If we don’t get a positive reaction, we can be the question and ask, "What can we do differently that would generate different possibilities?"

Be open to any and all potential outcomes. You may end up far from where you expected to be, but actually, be in exactly the right spot. Be ready and willing to receive all that comes. Beyond being open, you also need to be willing to receive the possible outcome of your efforts, be that risk, pissing someone off, or receiving exactly the fulfillment, success and greatness that you have asked for.