7 Qualities every woman entrepreneur needs

Women entrepreneurs are changing the paradigms of business and will have a huge impact on future possibilities for the world. Today's women have chosen to create a life that is profoundly different from previous generations. The shifting roles of women in business and at home have dramatically changed society around the world. Yet what seems to be occurring is that while women have established and developed their roles as entrepreneurs, when it comes to navigating the business arena, they are still using old blueprints (business-as-usual) that don't get them to the place they really desire to create and generate.

Maintaining business-as-usual obligates us to stay within our comfort zone and prevents us from going beyond the bounds of what is deemed normal and customary by the standards of this reality. We have no choice but to yield to the level of average, unremarkable, mediocre, and run-of-the-mill.

Remarkable outcomes and outstanding success can be generated only from adopting a no-more-business-as-usual mindset and actions. A good place to start is to cultivate and expand the 7 qualities below:

1. Insatiably curious approach to life – curiosity is the greatness of life on planet earth, it is what makes life fun.  You are in a state of curiosity when you are living as the question. Living as the question is more than just putting a question mark at the end of your sentence.  It’s a way of being in which you are the question.

2. Follow your knowing - Knowing is awareness of what is possible without having any judgment about it. When you follow your knowing, you are aware whether your choice will be expansive and create more possibilities or contractive and create limitation for you and everyone else. Functioning from knowing is not done through force and exertion. It occurs by following the energy, which is about asking questions so that the universe and your inner knowing have an avenue for responding.

3. Expanded zone of awareness - An expanded zone of awareness allows you to see different possibilities, to recognise different courses of action and to invest possible futures. With an expanded zone of awareness you have power to move beyond logic and analysis and tap into your awareness to make decisions that are conscious, insightful and innovative. 

4. Pragmatic and Strategic - It is essential to function not only as a strategist, but also be pragmatic and become a master at getting others excited about helping grow the business. We must be present with what is and be aware of what is truly possible to create and generate. It means, develop capacity to take calculated risks and to make the most of every opportunity to generate new and different possibilities.

5. Flexible and Adaptable - Let go of fixed points of view. If you have a fixed point of view about anything, you automatically deny the possibilities that there are better and more expansive things available. Great opportunities always come from occurrences and events that are happening now. If you are blinded by your fixed points of view, you won’t see the opportunities until it’s too late.

6. Future orientation - cultivate an ability to be aware of future trends and how these trends may affect your business. The future is the source for the creation of your business and your life. The future arises from a constant stream of actions, choices, decisions, and strategies that have to be made in the present with as much conscious awareness, foresight, skill, astuteness, and wisdom possible. 

7. Be a visionary and have a strong penchant for innovation - develop an ability to envision different possibilities and inspire people to perceive and receive your vision. You must have a clear perspective about where the external landscape might be going and be willing to act on the fringe, take a risk, and never try to put yourself in context with everything else.

It is important to recognise that these qualities are not exclusive to women entrepreneurs, or unattainable to those on other career paths. These qualities are natural and inherent in all of us but we must choose to develop them. Developing these 7 qualities is one of the best self-growth initiatives we can undertake. Who we are, what we think, our points of view and beliefs absolutely determine the results we get. We must challenge ourselves to overcome and change what's not working, or we become irrelevant.