Innovate or stagnate

Do you have what it takes to prosper and thrive?

Innovation separates champions from losers in the marketplace. We live in an era of unprecedented, relentless and rapid change. Globalization, hyper-innovation and business market turmoil, continuous technology evolutions and rapid scientific advances are commonplace. Things are changing rapidly. It’s the new business reality. Making decisions and taking action have become more complex for business leaders in all industries and in all markets. Remarkable achievement and outstanding success can be generated only from being innovative.

People who continue to pursue innovation position themselves to better weather difficult economic times. And they create the conditions for more rapid growth when the economic climate improves.  Are you ready? If your are innovative you will stand out from the crowd.

Innovation is something that notable world-class organizations and individuals choose to do everyday to generate outstanding achievements. They recognize that innovation is the best way to sustain financial prosperity. Innovation allows businesses and individuals to operate in the realm of unlimited possibility that increases their ability to generate different possibilities - which increases productivity. Enhanced productivity increases the possibilities of higher income, higher profits and prosperous financial results.


Innovation is the key to your success

Essentially, innovation is the key to your success no matter who you are or what you do. The minute you stop innovating is the minute you become irrelevant. Innovation isn’t something you do once and then sit back and forget about it. Indeed you need different skills to take you into a future that is becoming far more complex, challenging and different by the minute.

Being innovative demands a new way of being, agility and flexibility. How can you keep operating the way you do – with the same business procedures, structures, conventions and methodologies, when the rate of change that envelopes your organization is so dramatic and so dynamic and speedy? You must cultivate the skill and insight to prepare for a future that is rushing at you faster than ever before.

Here are 5 tips for cultivating the skill and ability of an innovator:

1.     Be open and intensely curious about everything you encounter. Insatiable curiosity is the key to innovation.

2.     Cultivate the courage to stand alone, even in the face of unfavorable consequences and be willing to be a nonconformist.

3.     Expand your awareness and be persistent and relentless in your search for insight, inspirations and ideas.

4.     Change your focus. Let go of the fixed points of view, assumptions and conclusions that based on your past experience. Stretch your perception beyond reality to possibility.

5.     Cultivate a full-spectrum perspective. Stop functioning from a linear perspective. Start looking at things from different standpoints and be willing to embrace and deal with complex and diverse ideas.