A forcast of trends for the near future

Innovations in technology continues to have massive effects on business and society. Technology will enable more productivity and opportunity then ever before, challenging business executives to become more future savvy. Regardless of what industry you are in it is essential to be looking outward and constantly monitor broad trends in the external environment.

In order to succeed you need to know what’s ahead to better plan and perceive different possibilities. You would do well to recognize that executing on your existing strategy might no longer be good enough. Technology will continue to be the key driver of business strategy. It is imperative to become aware of the different possibilities and risks presented by the evolving trends, and the driving forces behind them.  In fact, many notorious big-business failures have stemmed from feeble or faulty strategies. In their book Billion Dollar Lessons , Paul Carroll and Chunka Mui point out that many big business failures could have been avoided if companies had been more strategically aware of potential pitfalls. It takes generative energy, will power, fortitude, and strategyto transform awareness into physical reality.

With a strategic awareness, you can re-imagine what is possible, discovering what you can do that is new, and how best to do it.

A forecast of trends for the near future

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Different Possibilities

Every day, for nearly 35 years, Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho sat in the same spot in São Paulo, Brazil…writing. Raimundo was homeless.

In April 2011, a woman named Shalla Monteiro stopped to chat with him and the two struck up a friendship. She was impressed by his poetry and decided to help him with his dream of publishing a book. She created a Facebook Page to feature Raimundo’s writing. No one expected what happened next.