Create a remarkable life that goes beyond anything you’ve ever thought was possible

To create a remarkable life we have to be willing to have a life that is beyond the limitations of this reality that everybody else is living from. It requires creativity and energy. This is a constant state of being aware that there is a different possibility. In order to create a remarkable life we have to be able to receive a different possibility, a different awareness and a different reality. This will get us up in the morning and get our creative juices flowing.

Great successes all begin with an ability to receive a different possibility - and it's just as important for individuals as it is for corporations.

It is important to recognise that creativity is not exclusive to designers and artists, or unattainable to those in other disciplines. In truth, creativity is natural and inherent in all of us. We can easily create a remarkable life if we are willing to be the creative source of our own reality. That means we're willing to create a reality that has more possibilities in it and we're no longer trying to fit into this reality. 

It begins with a choice. A remarkable life is a reflection of our choices.  We have to choose in order to have the awareness of what our choice creates. We have to be willing to choose, let it take off on its own, and go where it will go. What we choose only gives us awareness, it does not give us a right or wrong or a consequence. We can’t have awareness before we choose and we can’t get awareness unless we choose. Choice creates awareness. Awareness does not create choice. Once we start choosing based on choice, eventually we will have an awareness of what our choices will generate and create. 

What if every choice we made was not right or wrong but exactly what was required for us to become as aware as we truly are now? 

What if every choice we made was not right or wrong but exactly what was required for us to become as aware as we truly are now? 

Be a catalyst for different possibilities. Be open to all possibilities and sincerely willing to look at what we can do to generate different possibilities. Innovation cannot occur if we are not open to all possibilities. Without it, we have little hope of creating breakthrough ideas. Being open to all possibilities is the fuel that we need to keep creating, keep striving and keep generating. When we are a catalyst for different possibilities, we light up a room - it's in our body language, our eyes, our communication and our voice.

Live in the question and act on the possibility of things. We have to be willing to be the question to find what works for us. This is about having a sense of curiosity and a space of expansion. Questions have the power to transform our world and, as a result, create a remarkable life that goes beyond anything we’ve ever thought was possible. When we can truly live in the question, particularly in a challenging moment we will not be occupying a discombobulated mental state, which allows us to see different possibilities.

Approach every moment with the desire to be a contribution. Most people think that being a contribution means doing something for others or sharing in the work. This is not the case. Being a contribution is a way of being. When we choose to live our life and conduct our business from the space of being a contribution, we are improving the quality of life generally. When we choose to concentrate on being a contribution, everything is an endless possibility because we function from a place of generosity of spirit, awareness, and joy. We put our energy where it needs to be, and we are willing to be and receive all energies and no judgment is required. Being a contribution as a business executive is where we are in question, and ask: What contribution can I be? Contribution is about a joyful expression of life, a sense of expansiveness, a joy of being, and a sense of abundance in all things.