Making a choice always leads to more choices

There are always new and different possibilities, more choices and more options to create the life we desire. With consciousness by our side and our awareness as our ally, we can create lives that are expansive and generative on every level.

The key to being a conscious leader of our life is to become the choosing one and not a chosen one.

When you become a choosing one and always choose what will expand possibility, you open the door to infinite choices and infinite possibilities.  Simply just saying that you are choosing to be a conscious leader of your life is not enough. Fully embodying the energy of being the conscious leader of your life still requires a conscious choice to be and do so each day. You have infinite choices. Every time you make a choice, you open a door to another level of awareness of choice.

When we choose to be a conscious leader of our life, there is no such thing as a purely automatic system that happens by itself. There is always a moment where we can make a different choice. We have to make a choice in order to have more choices available. Once you choose something, it opens the door to infinite choices, not more limited choices. However, when we don't choose we eliminate the choices that are available to us.