How being a conscious leader will uplift your life

Being a conscious leader is not an accident of genetics or upbringing; it's the by-product of conscious choice and practice. It requires a different level of awareness and the willingness to recognize the choice. It is about the awareness of who you truly are - an infinite being.

Being a conscious leader of your life is the generative energy of living.

You are an infinite being; you are energy, space, and consciousness. As that, you can choose to function from this and generate your life. This recognition is one of the biggest superpowers that will unlock just about everything you do in life. When you function from the energy, space, and consciousness of an infinite being you then function from choice and possibility. You would be able to make anything work for you that you are willing to make work for you.

Most people misunderstand the meaning of an infinite being. They think that it is about spirit, soul, mind, body, brain function, god, higher powers etc. These definitions are not what we mean by being an infinite being. An infinite being is one who can choose to do anything, to experience anything, to have anything, to create anything and to generate anything. 

If you would like to be a leader in your own life, you have to recognize that you are an infinite being and you are the generator for everything in your life.  It requires you to be you and be aware. From that space of being, you have infinite choice and infinite possibility.

You have to be willing to know what is right for you, regardless of whether anybody else gets it or not.  You can’t be a leader and be normal, average, real, and the same as everyone else. 

What would it be like to be a conscious leader?

If you approach your life as a conscious leader, your life can be full of choices and possibilities that expand you and your world. If you approach your life from autopilot mode, there is little chance of you creating a remarkable life. Being a conscious leader is a choice, and only you can make that choice.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, leadership is not about authority, status and power.  It’s not about those with positions and job titles, and it’s not about the few people at the top of an organization.

Being a leader is not the same as acting as one, and calling yourself a leader is not the same as being one.

Being a conscious leader is about choices and it's about your life. It's about making a choice to stop settling for the norm, for mediocrity or for unexceptional, and start creating a remarkable, amazing and miraculous life.

Being a conscious leader is not about making yourself superior to others. It is about the awareness of who you truly are - an infinite being. Are you aware that you are an infinite being with infinite choice and infinite possibilities?

So, would you consider the possibility of being a conscious leader as an option? Would you be willing to give up the you that you have defined yourself as, and embody and be the infinite you that you truly are?

There are infinite possibilities available to you, choices to dynamically change your life for the better. It starts by making a simple choice. A choice to be a conscious leader in our own life and in the world. When you do, you will be amazed to see how much you have settled for that you no longer have to settle for.

What energy would you have to be today to truly be a conscious leader of your life?

To embody and be the conscious leader of your life, you have to acknowledge your infinite being that you truly are. You have to acknowledge your infinite perceiving, knowing, being and receiving.

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Are you the conscious leader of your life? Imagine what it would be like to create a life that goes beyond the limitations of what the rest of the world thinks is important?

What if you make consciousness the source?  When you are functioning from consciousness every moment you’re alive, your life becomes truly magical and there’s nothing you can’t create. 

Most effective tactics to create an amazing life

The simple act of choosing to step beyond our limitation and self-imprisonment is a simple but most effective tactic to create the amazing life we desire. It's about making a choice to stop settling for the norm, for the mediocrity of autopilot mode, and start creating an amazing life. 

Most of us create our life believing that we can succeed and prosper on the effort of our education or our job skills.  We spend years at school studying how to do that, and yet most of us are unable to create a life that we truly desire. Unfortunately, most of us are working with an outdated blueprint that's keeping us imprisoned in this unconscious autopilot mode.

This way of being is about being in the correct context of this reality, following the norm, and aligning ourselves with autopilot mode. Being in a correct context with this reality locks us into a point of view where we have no other choice. We are instantly imprisoned by our own unconsciousness. If we keep functioning this way, we will never get to experience the outrageous joy that is available beyond our imagination. However, we can step beyond our limitation by choosing to become a conscious leader of our life. It’s just a choice.

We can step beyond our limitation and self-imprisonment

In order to create a life you desire and a sustainable future, you have to start making different choices in your everyday actions. If you don’t choose to become a conscious leader of your life, you will never create a life that is more than what you currently have. Is that really what you want?

When you choose to become a conscious leader of your life, different possibilities can show up for you. When you are willing to choose that difference and to be that difference, you will create a life that goes beyond the limitations of what the rest of the world thinks is important. 

Making a choice always leads to more choices

There are always new and different possibilities, more choices and more options to create the life we desire. With consciousness by our side and our awareness as our ally, we can create lives that are expansive and generative on every level.

The key to being a conscious leader of our life is to become the choosing one and not a chosen one.

When you become a choosing one and always choose what will expand possibility, you open the door to infinite choices and infinite possibilities.  Simply just saying that you are choosing to be a conscious leader of your life is not enough. Fully embodying the energy of being the conscious leader of your life still requires a conscious choice to be and do so each day. You have infinite choices. Every time you make a choice, you open a door to another level of awareness of choice.

When we choose to be a conscious leader of our life, there is no such thing as a purely automatic system that happens by itself. There is always a moment where we can make a different choice. We have to make a choice in order to have more choices available. Once you choose something, it opens the door to infinite choices, not more limited choices. However, when we don't choose we eliminate the choices that are available to us.

An unusual way to experience a greater sense of calm

We all have the power to eliminate the feeling of anxiety and stress as it’s happening and experience a greater sense of calm when pressure builds. One of the speediest and most reliable ways to relinquish stress is by functioning from “Everything is just an interesting point of view”.  When everything is just an interesting point of view, nothing affects you negatively.

Being 'interesting point of view' is not a technique, it's a skill - one that you can cultivate and expand. When you start to feel nervous and anxious, become aware of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and start practicing being 'interesting point of view'. This is a tool that you can use anytime, anywhere. Stepping into this state, you will feel calm, at ease and become more expanded.

The ability to be 'interesting point of view' helps you cultivate your capacity to be more aware and to stay in the present moment.

So, whenever you begin to feel anxious, worry or tense, please recognize that these feelings and emotions are highly contracted energy, and this energy can derail you. You can begin to quietly repeat to yourself "interesting point of view I have this point of view".  The process itself is its own reward. When you allow yourself to be in “interesting point of view,” your mind will become quiet and you will be able to have more control over your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

As you gently say to yourself "interesting point of view I have this point of view", allow yourself to expand and feel the energy shift.  Seeing everything as just an interesting point of view is not simply a mindset. It’s a form of energy that can truly eliminate your habitual mode of overreacting and maintain a sense of serenity and calmness even in the face of difficulty or significant pressure. The perspective and the energy changes because your awareness shifts to recognizing the reality that you are so much more than that your point of view and perspective.

You can also apply this tool to every aspect of your daily life and your business. With every point of view that comes up and with everything you think, repeat to yourself "interesting point of view I have this point of view." If you're willing to do this with every point of view you have, nothing in your life would ever be difficult again.

If you're willing to live as "interesting point of view", you will get out of trauma, drama, upset and intrigue. No one will ever own you, and everything gets easier in your life.  You would be generative energy, space, and consciousness that allows total ease.

What if you make consciousness the source?

One of the keys to being the conscious leader of your life is consciousness. By being conscious, you can transform your life with ease and joy. Consciousness can facilitate you to be more aware of your priorities and to expand your ability to create the things you desire.

Consciousness is the ability to be present in your life in every moment, without judgment of you or anyone else, and with no fixed points of view. Being present in your life in every moment means being in a highly aware state, in which you have no capacity to judge. It's a state of being that comes from within.

Conscious leaders relate to life in spontaneous interaction with the energy of the moment

Being conscious is not a technique and it’s not about meditating in a cave, removed from life, in order to have consciousness.  It is the ability to receive everything, reject nothing, and create everything you desire in life – greater than what you currently have, and more than what you can imagine. When you are functioning from consciousness every moment you’re alive, your life becomes truly magical and there’s nothing you can’t create. That’s the beauty of it.

Intrinsically, being conscious is a state of flexible awareness. When you are conscious, your awareness expands beyond its present limits. You are aware of the energy of everything that is occurring. You have a perception of full awareness, of being in communion with all of life.

Consciousness resides inside each of us as an infinite reservoir of intuitive knowing, wisdom, and acumen. If claimed, owned and embraced wholeheartedly, sincerely, and ardently, consciousness allows you to revel in your own greatness without superiority. Ultimately, it will be your ability to function from consciousness that will allow you to truly thrive and generate a sustainable future. 

When you are truly being conscious, you see that everything is in consciousness. Everything is included and nothing is judged. That's the sign of you being a conscious leader.

Dare to Be Different

You need to be different if you want to be above the average. One characteristic particular to a vast majority of people in our society is the tendency to conform. Many people are trapped in mediocrity because they believe that it is difficult and uncomfortable to be different, so why not just conform.

Most people have a powerful desire to fit in and a strong need to remain in good standing with the group—and they believe that they can maintain their good standing by conforming. This tendency to conform is responsible for keeping people trapped under the fiercely influential force of contextual reality.

Conformity keeps people weak and malleable, it allows them to give their power away to others.

If you study the lives of the world's most innovative people, you will find that innovation started with their willingness to be different and to never conform. Innovation cannot occur in the space of conformity.

‘Being Different’ is about being willing to go beyond everything you’ve ever thought was real. And a key step in being different is to make a choice to never conform. Begin with a choice, a simple choice that you must make. 

The time is now.

Make a choice now. ‘Being Different’ begins with the choice, not the thought or the theory but the act. You have the power and the total choice to be that at will. This is a choice you have to be willing to make. No matter what it takes, you are going down this path no matter what it looks like. You’ll find that ‘being different’ requires constant vigilance. Keep choosing to let go of the need to conform, follow your knowing and listen to your instincts. This takes some discipline, but the rewards are plenty.

Do whatever it takes to make the choice to never conform to this contextual reality and then all you’ll have to do is keep the momentum going. Celebrate yourself and revel in the fulfillment and amazing rewards that come with that new position. It takes you out of probabilities into possibilities. 

Often it becomes highly uncomfortable. Don’t stop because you feel uncomfortable. Just know you have further to go. When you start feeling uncomfortable you are almost to the point of becoming something greater than you’ve ever been. When you get totally uncomfortable, you’re on the brink – the generative edge of reality.

When you go beyond the uncomfortable place, suddenly you’re totally comfortable and everything is bigger and better than it ever was before. Also it is important to realize that being different means you might bump heads with other people. That is okay! Stop caring what people think. Don’t be so afraid to color outside of the lines that you never pick up your crayon! More importantly, you must not allow yourself to operate within the limitations of this reality or be bound by what is.

The joy of living is the source of infinite possibilities

A generative life is one that is dedicated to how joyful your life can truly be. Your whole life should be about living for joy and fun. What brings joy into your life? Do you know? Are you aware of that which makes you joyful?

The joy of being and living is the criteria for having everything in your life that you desire. What you will soon see is that joy comes from moving in the direction of your desire and having everything you do be a joyful expression of life. 

What if you lived life and did everything in your life just for the fun of it? If you start from that place you can start to generate what would be joyful to have as your life. 

True joy comes from operating with awareness and embodying the greatness of you

The willingness to have the joy of living is the source of the creation of unlimited possibilities. When you become a conscious leader of your life, you will start to create joy, which is a sense of peace, calm, and gratitude. Life naturally evolves in the direction of joy and fun. 

You will have joy only when you sincerely desire to have it and settle for nothing less. You must constantly ask yourself: 

  • “What would be joyful?" 
  • "What would be fun?" 
  • "What would be fun and rewarding for me today?” 
  • “What would bring me joy to do today?” 
  • “What would be more fun to do today than anything else I can do?”