Wealth Mindset

Wealth potential is a mindset and not the amount of money in the bank. True wealth is just a point of view. Money comes from our mindset and our thoughts. If we think "We have to work hard for money", it will certainly be hard to generate money. If you say "It is not possible for you to be rich", it will probably be true for you. Your points of view can directly sabotage your wealth potential.

The power of your beliefs, points of view and attitudes may not be easy to be measured, but there is value and power in being aware of your points of view, your beliefs and how you express yourself. Our points of view can sabotage our wealth potential. Most poor people have financial difficulties not because of the amount of money they earn - but because of their points of view, beliefs, attitudes and actions.

So, to develop wealth potential and financial capacity, first and foremost you must become acutely aware of your beliefs, thoughts and actions as well as being careful in choosing points of view and attitudes to adopt as your own and whose advice should you listen to.