Has your business lost it sparkle?

The recession has weeded out many business players that were stuck in the scarcity and survivalist mentality of contextual reality. In recent years, we have observed that leaders who were content to rise with the tide of the economy have also fallen with it. The big risk today is staying with the herd and copying what others are doing. Not adjusting to the new environment or simply being unaware of other possibilities accounts for many business failures.

Too often people are choosing to conform to the demands of the world, and often allow themselves to  be paralyzed by contextual reality. That's one of the biggest things most unsuccesful business have been doing to themselves to limit their possibilities.

Most people  are content to obey the rules and be in agreement with contextual reality in order to  fit, in order to know where they can benefit, where they can win, and how to avoid losing. They tend to find false comfort within the confines of contextual reality. Too often they fail to realize that although they might feel secure, with the business-as-usual mindset in place, they will not be able to generate their business from the edge of infinite possibility.

In this tumultuous business environment, doing business-as-usual is a formula for business derailment and financial meltdown. To prosper and thrive in the decade ahead, leaders have to think differently about reinvigorating their business.

So to get your sparkle back you must be willing to let go of all the timeworn conventional business models that keep your business from being remarkable.

Just imagine what your business and your life would be like if you stopped functioning on autopilot and began to generate your business with strategic awareness and prosperity consciousness.