Confidence without Strategic Awareness

Many entrepreneurs are setting up new ventures with gusto, enthusiasm and confidence.

The difficulty is that mostly they lack strategic awareness.

Strategic awareness is a paradoxical blend of intensity of awareness and the ability to take action strategically. It is the ability to access knowledge and information beyond what is known in the world at the present time. With advanced strategic awareness, entrepreneurs will be able to capture new opportunities and new possibilities. They would be able to conceive new ideas, and develop strategies to bring those ideas into existence. They are more likely to see trends outside their industry that could affect the positioning of their business, and they generate new growth opportunities.

We have not been trained to develop strategic awareness in our education. So much focus on defining, quantifying, and identifying who we are according to this reality. So much focus on past reference points, on conventional business strategies and on competition. It never occurs to anyone to talk about the value of awareness, the value of curiosity and being the question, of the ability to receive everything without judgment.

We live in a time of accelerating change in the global landscape. Globalization, environmental calamities, technological advances, and other complex forces are buffeting us like never before. To thrive and flourish in these circumstances, we must expand our awareness and formulate generative strategies for our business and our life. The ability to prosper and thrive in tough times is what sets high-profit businesses apart from ones that are barely scraping by.